The truth about Semester 3

So, the winter holidays have just started and I have a mountain of revision to get through before my exams in January. It feels so odd that I've finished Semester 3 of medical school! Half of 2nd year is over and it doesn't even feel like I've been at university for a month, never mind … Continue reading The truth about Semester 3

BrainZyme Review 🧠

Bit of a different blog post today first ever product review on this blog! The lovely people over at BrainZyme sent me some of their products to review a couple of months ago. They do a range of products but the ones I received were packs of 'brainzyme original' and 'brainzyme professional' supplements. Since … Continue reading BrainZyme Review 🧠

Ramadan & Exams

I was recently requested (by one of my lovely instagram followers), to write a blog post on how I'm managing medical school and Ramadan. My medical school classes/teaching sessions ended before Ramadan started, but I did have a few of my official medical school exams during Ramadan, and also had most of my A-level exams during Ramadan … Continue reading Ramadan & Exams