NIPE (Newborn & Infant Physical Examination) 🍼

You know how I was saying in one of my previous blogposts, (which you can view here), about the time when I went with one of the Doctors (during my volunteering shift at the Post-Natal ward) to witness a NIPE (Newborn & Infant Physical Examination) being done, but sadly couldn't as the baby was being fed, … Continue reading NIPE (Newborn & Infant Physical Examination) 🍼


Maternity (Post-Natal) Ward Volunteering

I don't think I've written about my maternity ward volunteering yet, but anyway, I started volunteering on the post-natal ward (yeah, the one with the newborn babies and new-mummies) in December last year, but have only been once until today as I was away on Medlink for a week after I started volunteering, then was … Continue reading Maternity (Post-Natal) Ward Volunteering