Happiness is…talking to someone new! 👍

It feels like I haven't posted on this blog for a good while doesn't it?! January and February have been/will be extremely busy months for me. I'll be off to 4 different cities for my medical school interviews, as well as having formal mock exams at the end of January...however, I'll try my best to … Continue reading Happiness is…talking to someone new! 👍


03/04/16 – Hospice volunteering

This is just going to be a short blog post - an update on my weekly volunteering at the hospice and reflections on something that  I witnessed today at the hospice. So, I'll start with a little update on my volunteing so far. I've been volunteering for about 5 months now, and I really, really, … Continue reading 03/04/16 – Hospice volunteering