Book Review – War Doctor

Title & Author War Doctor - By David Nott What is it about? 'War doctor' follows the author David Nott's experiences of practicing humanitarian medicine in different areas of the world - from war zones such as Aleppo, Sarajevo and Gaza, to areas hit by natural disasters such as Haiti and Nepal. Nott, a Consultant … Continue reading Book Review – War Doctor

Personal Statements: The Skeleton

This is the first post of my mini 'personal statements' series. Writing a personal statement can be hard, especially knowing where to start, so in this blogpost, I’ll be going through a bit of a structre, with key parts that I think are vital for any good medical personal statement. This post will just guide … Continue reading Personal Statements: The Skeleton

How to prepare for your medical school interview

Medical school interviews are hugely important. They are often the last hurdle to overcome in order to gain those med school offers - so if you’ve received invitations to interview, congratulations - that is an achievement in itself! You’re probably thinking about interview prep now that you’ve got your invitations to interview. Having been in … Continue reading How to prepare for your medical school interview