A week till results day

1 week till A-level results day. ONE WEEK!

As most of you who have been following my application journey will know, all that’s left now between me and that medical school place is getting the grades that I need on August 17th. Result’s day is next Thursday and it’s safe to say that I’m TERRIFIED. Terrified that i’m not going to make the grades, terrified that after getting so far in this process, everything will have gone to waste. There’s a reason why medical schools give out almost double the number of offers than they have places – well there’s 2 reasons actually: firstly people will often get more than one offer and secondly because some people will not get the grades they need. I feel like I’m going to be part of that latter group. It saddens me to think that this time next week, I may have to depart from this blog, as a career in medicine may no longer be my future -but I continue to have hope and faith that that won’t be the case.

It’s not that I didn’t put my all into studying for my A-levels, because I did, like I’m sure most A-level students. But I can’t help thinking that I won’t get the 3 A grades I need. Maybe that’s just how my mind works – thinking of the worst case scenario so that I’m not too disappointed if things really do go pear-shaped, I don’t know. That being said, whatever goes down on result’s day, whether I get the grades or not, I’m so glad that this stage of my life is over and that I’m done with A-levels & university application.

And enough with feeling sorry for myself! I know of many people who wanted to apply for medicine, but after their AS results, couldn’t. Or who applied but didn’t get any interviews, or who got interviews but didn’t get any offers. I got all four of my interviews and 3/4 offers, and for that I’m thankful. If at this stage I don’t get the grades, then all I can say is that it wasn’t meant to be. I’ll leave you all with this quote…






10 thoughts on “A week till results day

  1. Rish🌻 says:

    I’m dreading it too tbh😭I’m only in the first year of A-levels so I guess it’s not as pressurising knowing I’ve got another year, but for something like maths and further maths where it counts keeps me shook🙉But good luck! I’m sure you would have done great, keep an open mind about it 😊😊


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