Personal Statement Review – 2019 entry

I'll be reviewing some personal statements for 2019 medicine entry! This service will be completely free of charge...all I ask is that you subscribe to this blog using your email address so that you can be notified of future services/updates! If you're interested in having your Personal Statement reviewed be me (a soon to be 2nd … Continue reading Personal Statement Review – 2019 entry


Congratulations! 🎉

I know that a few of the readers of this blog probably received their a-level results yesterday so I just wanted to drop by and say CONGRATULATIONS! 🎉 Whether you got the grades you needed for uni, or didn't, you should be SO proud of yourselves regardless. The two years of a-level are so incredibly … Continue reading Congratulations! 🎉

Ramadan & Exams

I was recently requested (by one of my lovely instagram followers), to write a blog post on how I'm managing medical school and Ramadan. My medical school classes/teaching sessions ended before Ramadan started, but I did have a few of my official medical school exams during Ramadan, and also had most of my A-level exams during Ramadan … Continue reading Ramadan & Exams